Monogram API


What operating systems does Monogram run on?

Monogram Creative Console is compatible with Windows and macOS. Please visit to download the latest version.
Linux is not supported at the moment. A graphical user interface is needed.

What programming languages are supported?

You can talk to Monogram from any language that supports UDP or WebSockets. WebSocket Libraries are available for most popular languages.

How do I tell Monogram modules what to do?

You provide some configuration files that describe what kinds of actions and values are available for Monogram to control. Our desktop application reads these values and makes them available to the end-user. The user maps actions to modules with our desktop interface.

How do I read values of Monogram modules?

The Monogram API uses a "push" rather than a "pull" format. When a user actuates a Monogram module, Monogram will notify your application over a socket connection. The notification depends on what the user has mapped the module to.

Can I change the color of the lights (LEDs)?

You can change the color of lights via our desktop application Monogram Creator.
We've added the ability to set LED colours based on input name. You can send a message from your plugin to change the colour of all currently mapped modules that have the matching input set. Do note that this API is currently experimental and may be subject to change in the future.
First make sure that in the Monogram Creator preferences, "Allow connected apps to change module colors" option is checked. Then from your plugin, you can now send the below JSON, back over the connection to Monogram, and we'll change all matching modules to the selected colour.
"command": {
"commandString": "setInputColor",
"input": "Likes",
"color": "#FF4000"
You can also check out for an example of this in action (and the matching Monogram integration). The example app just sends the input colour message on page refresh.

What happens when I add, remove, or change the positions of Monogram modules?

Our desktop application takes care of making sure changes in the module layout do not affect your application. Using the Monogram API, you will not perceive changes to the Monogram modules. Only modules that are connected and mapped to one of the actions or parameters you provided will affect your application.

From my application, can I see how the modules are arranged?

At this moment, only our desktop application has this information. This information is not necessary to get commands from Monogram.
In case of needing visual representation of the modules such as in VR applications, please let us know your use case and dev environment to help us evolve the API in the future.

Can I use Monogram if Monogram Creator is not running?

Not at this time. Our desktop application must be running to use Monogram with your application.

Does Monogram work with Linux?

No. Due to the technical challenges of testing multiple distros and our limited resources, we are not able to support Linux systems.

Can Monogram send keyboard shortcuts?

Yes! You may specify which keyboard shortcuts are available in your application with Module presets.