Monogram API

Getting Started

When complete, you'll be able to control your application with Monogram hardware over WebSockets. This guide walks you through how to add a custom application to Monogram Creator.
Changing settings for a button module

Sample Application

Suppose you are developing a simple photo editor app called "MyPhotoEditor". It supports these features:
  • Go to the next and previous photo
  • Auto-Enhance a photo
  • "Like" a photo
  • Adjust Exposure and Saturation
The provided example is a web application that connects to Monogram over WebSockets.
Example MyPhotoEditor web app
Download the example MyPhotoEditor web app here: (zip)
Open myphotoeditor/index.html in a web browser and give it a try. In a few minutes, you will be using WebSockets to control this app through Monogram.

Not ready for WebSockets yet?

We understand that it may not be possible for everyone to add WebSocket commands to their application. Monogram is also able to trigger OS-Level signals such as Keyboard Shortcuts, Mouse Click/Scroll, MIDI, and HID Joystick which can be used to control your application.
We recommend you complete the myphotoeditor tutorial first, then head to OS-Level Inputs to learn more about creating an integration with Monogram that only uses keyboard shortcuts or MIDI.
Monogram also supports UDP connections.