Monogram API

Monogram Creator

Monogram Creator is desktop application that ships with Monogram hardware. Monogram customers are prompted to install it upon receiving their console. It allows users to define functionality and customise appearance for their hardware.
Creator start tab
See our Help Center for more about using Creator.

Add an icon

Add an optional icon.png file for your app's icon (1:1 ratio, minimum 256px wide). This icon appears in the application grid when a new profile is added.
├── config.json
├── icon.png
└── inputs.json
This is the icon for the example photo editor application.
MyPhotoEditor icon

Load the Config Bundle into Creator

  • Open Creator. Open the Preferences dialog (macOS: Creator > Preferences > Integrations Windows: File > Preferences > Integrations)
Preferences > Integraions
  • Press the + button on the bottom right and browse for the location of the myphotoeditor.monogram bundle.
Browse for myphotoeditor.monogram in the file dialog
  • Once the bundle loads, you should see it in the custom apps table. Note any error messages you see, modify the bundle configuration as indicated, and load or reload the list.
The bundle appears in the Custom Apps table
  • Close the Preferences. You should also see the icon you specified in new tabs on the application grid.
A new blank tab with the custom app loaded
  • Select the app to create new profile for it. Select a module and choose the preset you'd like the module to perform from the list.
Changing settings for a button module
  • Repeat the previous step for each available module

Start Using the Console

Connect the Monogram Core to your computer. Attach additional modules to it. You may now assign the inputs specified in inputs.json to dials, buttons, sliders and orbiter modules.
Once a module is assigned, Monogram sends a message to your app's WebSocket each time a module is used (i.e. actuated). The format of the messages is described in the next section.

Making changes to the Config Bundle

If you change the contents of the Config Bundle, open Creator and close all open profiles with your application. Then go to Preferences and press the Reload button under "Custom Apps".
"Reload" button in the Creator preferences