Monogram API

Unreal Engine Plugin

The Monogram Unreal Editor plugin takes the intricacy out of Unreal Editor and transforms it into an instantly familiar tool for all levels of users in Virtual Production. The plugin enables your Monogram Creative Console to control any selected actor with numerous functions available. Use the Monogram Creator application to access pre-built profiles and functional presets made for object transformation, camera controls, lighting, and sequencer.
The Monogram Unreal Engine SDK allows developers to easily integrate controls for individual use-cases and customized Unreal Engine environments, meeting even the most challenging production demands. Easily connect with any actor or any variable through a TCP connection to Unreal Engine; build custom integration on top of a subsystem that can be exposed to your choice of Blueprints, C++, or Python scripting.

Technical Details

Code Modules:

  • Monogram Core - Enables connection to Monogram or other compatible app.
  • Monogram Editor Actions - Implements out of the box default editor controls.

Supported Development Platforms:

  • Windows
  • macOS

Supported Target Build Platforms:

  • 4.25
  • 4.26
  • 4.27