Monogram API

Expanding the plugin

The example plugin expands the default Monogram Unreal Engine integration with additional functionality through Blueprints. Inside MonogramExample, the CustomizeMonogram folder contains a copy of our Unreal Engine plugin with modifications. Place CustomizeMonogram in your Unreal project's Plugins folder. The customizedUnreal folder contains the modified Monogram plugin with a new input added to the bottom of the inputs.json file. The plugin is unsigned and needs to be loaded in Monogram Creator through the Preferences menu (Preferences > Integrations).
MonogramExample.uasset contains an Editor Utility Blueprint showing how to handle the newly added input and implement custom functionality in Blueprints. To get the example blueprint running in the Unreal Engine Editor, right click on the .uasset file in the Content Browser and select 'Run Editor Utility Blueprint'.

To create your own custom Unreal Engine integration, you must:

  • Modify name, id, and port in config.json inside your Monogram plugin folder to avoid conficts with the original Monogram Unreal Engine integration. These values must be unique.
Modify name, id, and port.
  • Remove signature.txt from your Monogram plugin folder, if there is one already.
  • Change the port number in the Unreal plugin source code to match config.json in step 1. Navigate to line 40 in Source/MonogramCore/Private/TCPMonogramThread.cpp.
Modify port to match config.json

Adding Inputs

There is an added input in customizedUnreal, for more information on Monogram Creator inputs, checkout input.json. To handle the added input, either write a C++ Action Handler class (look at plugin source code for examples), or use Blueprints. Here are some examples.

Rebuilding the Plugin

Please note, that the plugin may need to be rebuilt on first use. If you need to rebuild the plugin, place it in the Plugins folder of your UE project, and run the project. This should prompt a popup box, which will ask to rebuild the Monogram plugin. Click yes, and the plugin should rebuild itself.
Rebuilding only needs to occur once, at the first use of a new engine version.
NOTE: Unreal will only allow the plugin to be rebuilt if it is inside of the Plugins folder in a project. The rebuild will fail if the plugin is placed in the Plugins folder in the Engine. However, you can build the plugin once in the project, with the correct version, then move the plugin into the Plugins folder in the engine.
Location of the Plugin in a Project: <Project Name>/Plugins
Location of the Plugin in the Engine: UE_<version number>/Engine/Plugins